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fancy 4i don’t love shouting out stuff that isn’t born and bred in this too white, too pretentious, too hipster rad city of ours but this design blog out of new zealand is fresh. anyone who can combine a gorgeous layout with great posts shouting out great makers and is capable of using phrases like, “all my bag hoes” to discuss backpacks is a friend of mine. plus, they high five p-town peeps like Nell and Mary from time to time so game recognize game.nell 2

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so booyah Fancy!, you are one hot piece of ass blog. plus i’m super jelly you get to live a place that no one ever has anything remotely sassy to say about. plus you get to use terms like mate and probably have a family of gentle kangaroos living in your backyard. fancy 6let’s do a house swap for a few months – we’ll sip each other’s boutique coffees, window shop at each other’s curated clothing, jewelry and perfume spots, smash on each other’s food carts and juice bars and return to our side of the pond a little bit wiser. holler at your girl. one.fancy 8

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* every single photo in this post swiped rudely without permission from Fancy! they may or may not have been taken by Fancy’s photogs and could have come from other sources / the businesses themselves*


the miscarriage files: 15 women on their miscarriages

beautiful belly photo

i don’t remember how i found this the other night – sometimes i find myself up way beyond my typical mom hours of operation just thinking about everything. maybe i had just finished looking up my next ovulation cycle on webmd (i like their because it allows you to put in your last three cycles and makes me think their calculated window is somehow superior to the calendars that just ask for your last months info) and fell into the rabbit hole of google searching. and even though i totally started crying and had to push myself to read everyone’s story, i was so glad i did and i went to bed really sad but also really thankful that every once and a while, i stumble upon a special opening in the internets where women are vulnerable and graciously share their pain and their struggles. it makes me feel so much less alone.

Annie, 36, Germany
I went in for an ultrasound at six and a half weeks, and they couldn’t find a heartbeat, but they told me to wait another week in case they were wrong about the date of conception. A few days later, I started bleeding, and the doctor said, “Yeah, you miscarried, but there’s two.” I kept going back, but there was still no heartbeat. So, then I just kind of waited for a few weeks for it to happen by itself. But it didn’t, so they gave me the abortion pill, which they use off label. They give you four pills and tell you to take them and get a hot-water bottle. It’s not really dangerous, but they don’t really prepare you for what’s going to happen. It’s a hard sensation to describe — a terrible feeling that’s not really painful, I guess. I had a fever and chills, and it also kind of knocks you out. I tried to fall asleep, and a few hours later I woke up — and it’s a lot of blood. I was pretty dazed, and in the moment you just think something’s terribly wrong. I always thought that when you miscarry you just kind of get your period and then it’s over, but I think I bled for four weeks. I spent a good three weeks just crying. I’ve never cried like that before. I’m not religious — I don’t think it was ever going to be a baby — but you’re just overcome by this physical grief.

to read all the women’s stories :

belly bumps are the bomb : ballerina edition

ballet 4 ballet 2
i first saw the re-donk-u-lous photos of Mary Helen Bowers and her belly when i was early in my pregnancy with Seb. and i probably had the same reaction as every other pregnant or pregnant-aspiring woman who saw her photos which was holy. fuck. that figure. that belly. those legs. omg stopppp. i didn’t know much about her at the time i stumbled onto her instagram but it was clear that she was a professional ballet dancer who had achieved her dream and was living in New York city dancing her ass off. and then she got pregnant. and she was like, i’ll be damned if i stop dancing and lose this banging body i’ve worked my life at (at least, that’s the internal monologue i would have had if i were her). so, she plied and fifth positioned herself all the way to full term labor and the birth of her daughter a little over one year ago, and one minute after (i’m pretty sure), had her pre-pregnant body back. the power of staying physically active for those 9 months, i’ll tell you what. so yeah, she’s super bomb, takes the most romantic photos in and outside her studio and started her own maternity-minded business where belly or not, you can take lessons from her to sculpt your own way to Black Swan stardom (she was Natalie Portman’s personal trainer for the role). i so hope she pushes another little out so we can see more dreamy belly-in-tutu/belly-on-the-hudson-bay/belly-on-fire-escape moments.

ballet 1drool all over her site,

DASSNICE Mixtape. For lovers.

Portland graphic design romantic badass Tina Snow Le is one of those women I adored instantly, had-me-at-hello shit. In addition to putting her creative flare on everything radical in town (Design Week Portland, Solestruck, Wildfang, Adventures In Milk, future world domination..) she’s just about the cutest chick ever created. And she makes sugar and magic happen. Daily.

tina snow le

Last year she made DASSNICE vol. 1 and I played it a lot. With v-day around the corner I busted it out for some serious mommy-Sebe dance partying. For, you know, when we need to get hype before a play date. Tina just dropped vol. 2 but I’ll save that for later, when we’re thirsty for more.

Enjoy! Luh you Le!