DASSNICE Mixtape. For lovers.

Portland graphic design romantic badass Tina Snow Le is one of those women I adored instantly, had-me-at-hello shit. In addition to putting her creative flare on everything radical in town (Design Week Portland, Solestruck, Wildfang, Adventures In Milk, future world domination..) she’s just about the cutest chick ever created. And she makes sugar and magic happen. Daily.

tina snow le

Last year she made DASSNICE vol. 1 and I played it a lot. With v-day around the corner I busted it out for some serious mommy-Sebe dance partying. For, you know, when we need to get hype before a play date. Tina just dropped vol. 2 but I’ll save that for later, when we’re thirsty for more.

Enjoy! Luh you Le!