Knitted Hudson Bay-inspired Crib Blanket


While the rest of country seems to be covered in snow, Portland has been sunny and warm. Now don’t get me wrong… I love being able to go for walks without getting frost bite or else having to wear 15 layers of long underwear. But I can’t lie, I missed winter this year. As a Midwest girl, I need all four seasons. So I decided that I needed to get back into my ‘winter’ knitting, just to get those cozy feelings.

DSC_0396This project is perfect for beginning knitters (and if you don’t know what to do with those needles, there are a ton of tutorials on The Purl Bee or the interwebs in general, Google it my friends). Since I don’t have a crib to put this in, I ended up just doubling the size so it would fit me. That being said, it’s taken me quite a bit longer to work on than I imagine if you keep it the proportions in the original project.

DSC_0394And in my eyes it’s really never too early to start your babe on the knitted hipster path. Just imagine the wee one hanging in his crib with a trendy blanket with a slouchy beanie on his tiny head, cuddling with his hip octopus. So get started on this blanket! You’ll be making a baby happy and if you’re one of those lucky folks out there in the snowy states, you’ll be keeping yourself warm while you knit! (Or if you’re like me and cursing/loving this early spring weather, you’ll trick yourself into thinking it’s time to bundle up)