pookie play dates : waggle n flap family dance party




IMAG0302i had seen this dance party listed on the pdx kids calendar a few times and finally had the chance to go with the kiddo. girl, let me tell you, i know it said they play funk and hip hop on the description but i didn’t think it was going to be like, a legit first club experience for the under 5 set. the party is held once a month at the roomy and window-filled Village Ballroom in the N. Dekum hood and hosted by the adorable, bouncy Mary Rose, who non-stop twerked and twirled for the entire hour and a half. jams are provided by dj acid wash who, on the day Seb and i went, appropriately sported a neon turquoise denim jacket and hot pink trucker hat from the 80’s. dude played Kanye. dude played delicious world beat. dude played Beyonce remixes. Mary Rose hauls a giant suitcase full of sparkly costumes and eco-friendly crayons and drawing paper to add even more fun. and there’s a soft corner for the little littles and those either to shy to shake it or need a sweat break from shaking it a lot. i did my best to get Seb to drop it like it was hot but since it was his first time and he is 18-months old, i mostly boogied with him in my arms. i think next time he’ll be ready to put on something with sequins and do the worm. or robot. or whatever the hot move for 2-year olds is.




10am-11:30am every third thursday of the month (so the next one is March 19th)
$5 for you and pookie or free if you’re a member of the Woodlawn Swap n’ Play!
go! go! go! it’s the most fun. and i selfishly want more bodies for a giant soul train line.

The Village Ballroom
700 NE Dekum Street
Portland, OR 97218