stocking the locavore pantry : drinking chocolate



IMAG0225winter has been surprisingly kind this year. at the baby gym the other day, a mom commented that we haven’t had any snow. no snow! true but so sad and as the days get lighter and warmer, looks like the possibility for that is slim. but! while there’s still a chill in the air (and the most gorgeous fog in the mornings and evenings), i figured there was no better time to talk hot chocolate. i’m also super eeeeked to start a series i’ve thought a lot about; creating a kitchen where the fridge and pantry are plump with nothing but products produced locally. every goody discussed in these posts will have come from somewhere in Oregon, including the packaging and design, which we can also drool over. Anything not within the state’s borders and I promise to let it be known. so without further adu*, let’s shout out Treehouse Chocolate Co., whose gorgeous packaging is made with 100% compostable materials.

*creating the most ridiculous fanfare for my own enjoyment, since I’m pretty sure that only my dad and I read this blog. ha.

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Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 11.00.00 AM

treehouse founder Aaron Koch fell in love with chocolate while working on cacao farms in Hawaii and lucky for us, brought the love with him when he made the move to Portland a few years ago. he sustainably sources organic cacao directly from farmer-owned cooperatives and uses simple, whole ingredients like sea salt and vanilla bean to round out the flavors in his cocoas. there are five flavors – Original, Camp (dusted with organic coffee for the perfect mocha-in-a-cup situation), Cherrywood (sea salted deliciousness) and Nectar (coconut-based, making this one vegan!). i’ve yet to try all four but have sucked down Original and Camp, because duh, coffee. they both make for a mug of thick, drinkable chocolate. something akin to letting a Hershey’s bar sit out on the back seat of your Volvo in August and then slurping the remains through a straw. next up for the locavore pantry will have to be Quin’s homemade marshmallows


yummy things you can make to eat using treehouse’s cocoa powders:

(last five photos borrowed from treehouse’s instagram)