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fancy 4i don’t love shouting out stuff that isn’t born and bred in this too white, too pretentious, too hipster rad city of ours but this design blog out of new zealand is fresh. anyone who can combine a gorgeous layout with great posts shouting out great makers and is capable of using phrases like, “all my bag hoes” to discuss backpacks is a friend of mine. plus, they high five p-town peeps like Nell and Mary from time to time so game recognize game.nell 2

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so booyah Fancy!, you are one hot piece of ass blog. plus i’m super jelly you get to live a place that no one ever has anything remotely sassy to say about. plus you get to use terms like mate and probably have a family of gentle kangaroos living in your backyard. fancy 6let’s do a house swap for a few months – we’ll sip each other’s boutique coffees, window shop at each other’s curated clothing, jewelry and perfume spots, smash on each other’s food carts and juice bars and return to our side of the pond a little bit wiser. holler at your girl. one.fancy 8

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* every single photo in this post swiped rudely without permission from Fancy! they may or may not have been taken by Fancy’s photogs and could have come from other sources / the businesses themselves*