pookie play date : mo phillips!

mo phillips 1
mo phillips. holy warm crap i adore this man. seb and i have booped and bopped all over town to check out the big assortment of kid musicians p-town is currently offering. they are all good. mo is the best. mo is effervescent. mo is energetic. mo is entertaining. mo performs mad original music that he writes and composes (shout-out to “occasional yogurt”, a personal fav), a lot of which is done with his two sons and elementary school students. if mo were a sandwich shop, he’d be Brass Tacks (his favorite nbd). plus the man has a kiss ass sense of humor and that “it” thing. he loves what he does and the chillrun, that’s right, chillrun can tell. i look forward to every friday morning at 10am so that seb and i can bike (when it’s nice) or drive (when it’s nasty) to the Treehouse kid shop/play room and spend the next hour with mo. mo phillips 2

mo phillips 5

i have memorized my favorite tunes of his and sing them back to seb ad nauseam all the damn time. mo treats the chillrun like the mini half-cooked cartoon-like characters they are and all us grown folk appreciate the levity he brings to what might be a bonkers stressed out parenting day. example; there’s a song where he asks the chillrun to shout out different animals for his, “go to sleep” song and one week, a little one offered up something decidedly non-animal, like toaster oven or crackers or something to that effect. and mo loved it. ate it up. was like, “that’s amazing, yes, toaster oven, ‘let’s go with it” and put it in the song where an animal usually goes. i was already drinking the kool-aid and in that instance, i was like, yeah, this dude is the truth. he is endearingly silly and young at heart and i hope he stays that way forever.

go see him whenever, wherever you can. some weeks, the Treehouse is packed and other weeks a smaller crowd shows up. either way is a solid time. plus the room he performs in is perfect – chillrun can be present in the magical mo bubble or wander around the room and play with tons of toys; a train table, a kitchen set-up, buckets filled with puzzles, building blocks and interactive toys plus there’s a separate little room where the chillrun can hide away and play or in the case of my son, retreat to poop.

mo phillips 3

he also plays happy hour every week across the street on Williams Ave. at Poa Cafe, the fam-friendly spot i yammered on about here. sip on an adult bevvy with actual alcohol in it or suck down a yummy chillrun-friendly smoothie with a side of nutritional yeast-dusted popcorn. either way, you’re golden.

mo phillips 4

mo’ mo! mo’ mo! mo’ mo! but for reals, go see and support this dude. he’s the goat of chillrun musicians.


*eight. the number of times the word chillrun was used in this post kay thanks*


pookie play dates : waggle n flap family dance party




IMAG0302i had seen this dance party listed on the pdx kids calendar a few times and finally had the chance to go with the kiddo. girl, let me tell you, i know it said they play funk and hip hop on the description but i didn’t think it was going to be like, a legit first club experience for the under 5 set. the party is held once a month at the roomy and window-filled Village Ballroom in the N. Dekum hood and hosted by the adorable, bouncy Mary Rose, who non-stop twerked and twirled for the entire hour and a half. jams are provided by dj acid wash who, on the day Seb and i went, appropriately sported a neon turquoise denim jacket and hot pink trucker hat from the 80’s. dude played Kanye. dude played delicious world beat. dude played Beyonce remixes. Mary Rose hauls a giant suitcase full of sparkly costumes and eco-friendly crayons and drawing paper to add even more fun. and there’s a soft corner for the little littles and those either to shy to shake it or need a sweat break from shaking it a lot. i did my best to get Seb to drop it like it was hot but since it was his first time and he is 18-months old, i mostly boogied with him in my arms. i think next time he’ll be ready to put on something with sequins and do the worm. or robot. or whatever the hot move for 2-year olds is.
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