make shit : super duper easy thrift store dress alteration & the story of my life

i am a community college proud whore. attending a cc allowed my not so ivy league ass to attend a very ivy league university for the last two years of school and graduate amongst a throng of folks much nerdier than myself. and then, years later, while experiencing a mild quarter life crises, a cc allowed me to take affordable classes that fit my work schedule to discover a brand new life passion / part-time career. if it weren’t for portland community college’s (pcc) continuing education department (which is one of the largest in the country – booyah), i know for a fact that i wouldn’t have had banging classes taught by teachers who gave a shit. more than a shit. so much more that, one of my teachers, eileen celentrano, was thoughtful enough to bring me a threads magazine that profiled nicolas caito, the talent behind new york city’s most prestigious pattern making atelier. and oy vey, what a seriously handsome frenchie.

nicolas caito 2

in a heady, naive move, i contacted the atelier via their website asking about internships and after a short interview over the phone the following week, i was asked to come into the studio for an in-person chat and a draping trial. i have never been more motivated in all my days. i draped and re-draped every garment i could in the weeks leading up to the interview and then with money i didn’t have, i flew across the country to compete with students from fit and parsons and central saint martins for one of three internship slots. and then the email came. whatever amount of desperation i exhibited in that studio must’ve been palpable. for the next four glorious months,  i worked 40 hours a week (no pay, not a dime) learning my dream trade while at night i slept on an air mattress deep in brooklyn and ate beans and rice for dinner. but holy fuck was it worth it. it was the most exhilarating, nerve wracking and marvelous experience of my life. i still sit sometimes and daydream about climbing those five flights of stairs up to the studio, hanging up my faux fur coat, hat and gloves (dead of winter in nyc is NO. JOKE.) and being handed a design sketch by proenza schouler or creatures of the wind or one of a handful of esteemed nyfw designers and being told in that perfectly curt, i’ll-cut-a-bitch tone by one of the head pattern makers to make it happen (a muslin prototype of the garment). which i would spend the next 8, sweaty, nerve and adrenaline-filled hours doing. i had the esteemed privilege to create a skirt from scratch for proenza schouler and work on the finale runway dress for creatures of the wind. here’s some of the other entrees to come out of nicolas’ studio, most which end up somewhere fancy, like the new york times fashion magazine. and here’s a proenza schouler jacket i spied in the times mag many months after being back home from new york.

nicolas caito in ny times

i’m telling y’all – internship of a LIFETIME (and last time, i told myself, that i would likely ever work again for free). nicolas is such hot stuff that a fashiony blog interviewed him at the studio while i was knee deep in a muslin draping and this photo ended up being published. i love it because when i feel like the whole experience was something i dreamt up, this reminds me that it did in fact go down.

me at nicolas caito

oh, the things you can do before chillrun!!! dammit. just kidding. sort of. aaanyway, four months later and having had the easy opportunity to stay in new york and get work with my newfound pattern making chops (my mentor at the studio, the incomparable dylan abrams, is now the senior studio manager for alexander wang, NBD), i made the decision to come back to portlandia where my folks and my fuck buddy were patiently waiting. my folks were happy to see me and my fuck buddy proposed two days after my return so you know, all things for a reason.

(another fun piece to the whole nicolas caito story is that after my interview while waiting to hear if i landed the internship or not, i was googling the hell out of caito and stumbled upon a blog portlander hannah flor used to write where she essentially had the exact parallel experience as i, just a few years before me. i became enamored with her after reading her blog posts and after my stint with caito, i ended up contacting hannah and got to meet her lovely self for coffee and pattern making gossip. it was wonderful. i believe she is still in new york, working as a freelance pattern maker out of a studio in brooklyn!)

a recent and welcome addition to my mom life lately was the offer from pcc to teach a beginning sewing class, the very same beginning sewing class that i had taken several years ago. i actually took over the class after my dear friend and sewing mentor of sorts passed away suddenly. it was a bittersweet moment accepting the position but i do it for jean and i think about her each week in that classroom. i’ve enjoyed the teaching so immensely that i started offering new classes so here we are – a shout-out to my side gig! in a totally undeserved move, after teaching just two semesters, pcc interviewed me and put it in their fall 2014 catalog. i also owe this press to jean, as it was the story of how i became a teacher that interested the school. thank you miss jean. here’s that ink and the info for the three summer courses coming down the pipe, if you or anyone you know is interested.




pcc 2

pcc learn to sew description

pcc pattern manipulation description

pcc alter your wardrobe description

aaanyways, i say all that to say this; i miss sewing. hella hella. i miss cranking up a podcast of the splendid table or fresh air or starting the entire suede-bound box set of sex and the city series over and blacking out for hours on end at my patterning table tweaking a garment. pushing sebe out was definitely a game changer on many levels and not that i’d want to change anything, i just wish for double the amount of hours in the day so that i can be super momtastic and get my seamstress on. i fo sho cherish the sweet sebe-free hours i get every here and there. one of those here and theres was this past weekend, which started with a bike ride to delish vegan eatery vita cafe on alberta street to suck down multiple cups of coffee and indulge with girlfriends. after brunch, we walked across the street to bristlecone, a most adorable vintage shop run by my girl audie.

bristlecone 1 look how cute she is! such a patootie pie.bristlecone 2i rummaged through her candy-colored racks of clothing and her $3 bins and pulled out this diddy. oh haiii sebe happy at his train table.

bristlecone 3

i’m having the most bubblegum pink moment of my life and the gingham was so springtime-picnic that i snagged it. after trying it on at home, i realized i wasn’t in love with the elastic waistband nor where it was placed (these dresses are never built for the short torso’d among us, are they?) and i wasn’t sure i was into the marmy length. again people, just because you have the chillrun, doesn’t mean you can’t dress like your inner ‘yonce is asking you to. since it’s been fo-ever since i did anything with a needle and thread and i’m hoping this blog will put a stop to that, let’s do a little garment altering shall we? word.

first to go was the waistband. when i turned the dress inside out, i realized that i had in my presence a lovingly handmade piece.

bristlecone 4

none of the seam allowances were finished, which is a fail and one i’ll have to go back and remedy by zig-zagging all the seam allowance edges so that the fraying doesn’t get so bad that it compromises the sewn seams but other than that, the dress was put together adorably. oh haiii sebe happy playing with his hamburger stickers.

bristlecone 5

trusty seam ripper in hand, i first undid the elastic casing holding the elastic in place and then took out that casing and elastic. like this.

bristlecone 6

bristlecone 7

bristlecone 8

than the dress looked like this.

bristlecone 9

getting better! i could have left it like this if i wanted – tented oversize thangs are so on trend right now, right? but i was like, ah to hell with it, i’m already spending time on this, let’s keep going. so next i took out the collar and collar facing. so now the neckline looks like this.

bristlecone 13

at this point, taking apart the collar and using some of that fabric to make a cute little neckline and then hemming the skirt length to whatever (from ankle-grazing to cho-cha grazing) would finish this off but i really want to turn the long skirt into palazzo’ish pants, throw in a center front zipper and rename this cutie a jumpsuit…i will try and take the appropriate time/photos/explanatory verbiage and do this in a separate post! love you mean it!

bristlecone 10

bristlecone 14

* experiment with what your diddy will look like if you decide to a) shorten the hem or b) go for the jumpsuit! *


wallpapering all my dreams come true.

so, we have this house. still shell-shocked that we managed to pull off buying something in a city where i swear i can hear the up-ticking of the real estate market every passing minute. it’s incredible and we’re probably in over our heads but hey, grabbing and life and balls. plus it’s a mere 10 blocks from my parents so when Sebe is super bugging me stir-crazy, i can just put him on his mini radio flyer and say, “go trike your ass up the street to grandpa’s. just remember to look both ways when you get to the busy street”.

it’s a super duper fixer upper. many, many things need to be done to make it habitable. if it was just baby daddy and i, we could hang – throw some blankets on the floor and the french press, some dry cereal and candles on the counter and work from there. but with the toddler in tow, we should probably finish some stuff. like the second bathroom that was listed in the house description but in reality, looks like this:

bathroom 1

not too bad, right? ha. so of course instead of spending time making important decisions like finding a bathtub, i trolled online for way too many hours drooling over wallpaper. because that’s another thing we are happily forced to wont to do because thismaster bedroom

and this Sebe's room 1 are what we’re working with. the top photo is the master bedroom, or you know, the room where the magic happens. when i’m not too tired. when he’s not too tired. when the baby’s asleep. when we’re able to see each other like the loving fuck buddies we are and not just worn out parents with applesauce stains on our shirts. i digress. the second photo is Sebe/future children’s room. i’m thinking bunk beds if they’re close enough in age. i’m also thinking obsessing about wallpaper. so. much. wallpaper. baby daddy kept bugging me about picking paint colors but every time i envisioned painting, i just wasn’t feeling it. we’ve been living in a castle of an apartment whose last tenant was a sweet little old lady who kept the place decorated as it (originally?) was many moons ago. floral wallpaper and all. seriously.

current wallpaper 1

current wallpaper 2

current wallpaper 3

current wallpaper 4here’s our current bathroom, Seb’s room and kitchen. and while the yellowing floral isn’t my dream scene, i have loved living with wallpaper, so much. now that we have the mind boggling opportunity to break the whole damn piggy bank go a little ham, here’s what i’ve discovered in the world of wallpaper, circa now:

1st choice, always local. there are three folks doing wallpaper right, right here in the city of roses.

the make house

(hunky) make house owner Nathan Reimer has had dinner with Martha Cooper. that should sum up his street cred / bad assery.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 1.36.08 PM

makehouse wallpaper

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 1.35.57 PM

aside from that, he runs a super fun creative studio in town where he allows himself to be hit up by strangers asking him how he’d feel about screen printing a gigantic blown up scene of b/boys in new york city in the 80’s on their living room wall. he will be so about it.

juju papers

this cutie couple hand draw their designs and then punch them into the ole’ computer.  small batch runs, water-based dyes and their finish their papers with a natural clay coating for smudge wipeability and to inhibit mildew growth. because mildew, like, gross.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 2.49.36 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 2.49.51 PM


another cutie couple who are obsessed with each other (assuming) and making wall coverings. hand screen printed, water-based inks on recyclable paper. boom. portlandia. gotta love it.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 2.52.41 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 2.54.05 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 2.53.15 PM Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 2.54.47 PM

so, clearly, these are all rad choices and any of them would look o-mazing in anyone’s abode, on any viewable surface. however, my baby daddy and i are freaks and as much as i wanted to patronize a local company, i was really looking for something just a tad more 1980’s south bronx x south beach florida in the Bird Cage. nahmean? no? well, shit like this:little greene

cole & son 1

palm leaf 1

so that i can have ridiculous and fabulous dinner parties, like all the time and take photos of my fly girlfriends in the hallway that just happens to look like this, thanks to my tropical life wallpaper.palm leaf 2because let’s face it. i really just want the entire innards of our house to look and feel like i’ve just met up with Nathan Lane in Miami on a sunny Sunday afternoon and we’re going to have sweet teas and pink macaroons in the parlor.tropical life 1tropical life 2


okay guys, i spent hella hours digging the depths of computer land for this stuff but here it is, handed to you on a palm leaf platter. you’re welcome. Little Greene is the most delish, out of the UK. Cole & Son also has o-mazing tropi choices. but holy hell of all jackpots, here is where I found the quintessential wallpaper of my fantasies. giving me every ounce of 1980’s miami vice i could ever ask for. now can we please paste this stuff UP and go make fried appetizers to snack on while we finish our shibori teepees?! (this is in the works. promise. i will talk all about it.)

so there’s wallpaper dreams part one. because this post got just disgustingly long and i need to decompress before i let the Marimekko prints out the bag…

love you mean it!!!

DIYDS (do it your damn self) Chinese Dumplings


i’m not a big birthday whore. usually, it’s a very non-descript day that ends in dinner out with baby daddy. but in the last few years, in the cutest sibling gesture ever, my brother started calling the husband, asking him what present would make me go whoah. this year, it was a gift certificate to take a Chinese dumpling class. i had seen flyers around the neighborhood and must’ve mentioned to babby daddy that i would totally give up a weekend afternoon of doing dishes/laundry/my son’s poopy diapers to leisurely spend three hours crafting pillowy, delicious dumplings. my nickname for Leigh is little dumpling and we could both easily eat our weight in those suckers. daily. the class idea was two-fold, i’m sure. she’ll have a blast aaaand maybe there will be more dumplings around this dang house. thought baby daddy. and so, on a recent Saturday, the dumpling-hungry husband took Sebe and i got to skip off to make dumplings.


Kristina was not Chinese as i imagined she might be but she did live there for a while and can boast that she speaks Mandarin fluently. she’s been teaching Mandarin lessons around town for a long time and at home, cooking lots of authentic Chinese food. the food part got out to friends and now, once a year in the months leading up to the Chinese new year, she teaches cooking classes. bring on year of the goat!
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Fix-It Fair : The Un-Handywoman’s Guide To Becoming Handy

fix it fair portland oregon

fix it fair portland oregon

fix it fair portland oregon

OMG. So, this post is prefaced with the fact that my ma is an undercover handy-woman. She has volunteered with Portland’s Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build for years, building houses all around town that are affordable and given* out to families in need. Women’s Build is just that – a huge group of women who don hard hats and power tools and band together to construct houses. I’ve joined in the past couple years on their mother/daughter build day which is on Mother’s Day (so sweet, I know). – that may or may not be me in the checkered shirt with power tool in hand, concentrating really hard not to chainsaw off a finger. These were some of the most exhilarating hours I’ve spent with my mom, probably second to having her in the delivery room while pushing Sebe out into the world but I’ll save that story for later. So anyway, my mom always seems to know about the raddest local stuff happening and since baby daddy and I are maybe about to empty out our entire savings account and Sebe’s college fund on a fixer-upper house, she suggested that we attend a Fix-It Fair. (College or not, I always said Seb can be a shoe cobbler, I don’t care, I just want him to be happy. And have a Woody Allen-like sense of sarcastic Jewish humor. But less neurotic.)

fix it fair portland oregon

fix it fair portland oregon

The Fix-It Fair was held at Rosa Parks Elementary School, a relatively shiny and new school nestled in the middle of Multnomah Village. The school seems like a winner on lots of levels so I’ll be checking them out more when Sebe is getting close to kindergarden age. The fair was so much more involved than I envisioned it to be. My dad joined us and he was impressed too (it’s tough to impress a former boy scout, just saying). There were tons of booths; folks like the Energy Trust of Oregon who essentially give away cash incentives for doing things for your house like weatherization, adding solar power panels or doing anything renewable energy-related. They were giving away energy-efficient shower heads and adorable stick-on 5-minute shower timers to remind those of us who, umm, maybe take more than 5-minute showers.** The Portland Fruit Tree Project was there handing out packs of fruit tree seeds and I learned about the Community Energy Project, located right on Alberta Street. They were offering free weatherization classes at the fair (I learned how to help an older house retain heat during cold months) and they conduct free home safety repairs for low income and senior citizen housing all over the city.

fix it fair portland oregon

fix it fair portland oregon

There was also a fix-it café which included free bike or small electronic appliance repair, free child care, free lunch and a hefty raffle for all kinds of handy fix-it gear.

After a few hours, I walked away with a free Ginko Bilboa tree, a toilet tank water saver plug, a shower timer, tons of pamphlets for local resources for everything house and child-safety related, a full belly, a sleeping baby and a happy father who is excited to help us check the status of our water heater. The next fair date is going on our family calendar and this time, I’m making sure baby daddy isn’t out of town on a business trip so that he can learn first hand how to install window weatherization strips too.

*Habitat requires 500 hours of on-site sweat equity from the family to whom the house is being given. The house does of course cost money but Habitat works with local banks and the generous donations of business and individuals to make the monthly payments amazingly affordable. It is an amazing non-profit. Holler if you would like to know more and I can email you!

**I just threw baby daddy under the hot water bus. That’s okay. We all have things we should work on. Anything for you, mother nature.

DASSNICE Mixtape. For lovers.

Portland graphic design romantic badass Tina Snow Le is one of those women I adored instantly, had-me-at-hello shit. In addition to putting her creative flare on everything radical in town (Design Week Portland, Solestruck, Wildfang, Adventures In Milk, future world domination..) she’s just about the cutest chick ever created. And she makes sugar and magic happen. Daily.

tina snow le

Last year she made DASSNICE vol. 1 and I played it a lot. With v-day around the corner I busted it out for some serious mommy-Sebe dance partying. For, you know, when we need to get hype before a play date. Tina just dropped vol. 2 but I’ll save that for later, when we’re thirsty for more.

Enjoy! Luh you Le!

Belly bumps are the bomb.

looking-fly-and-preggo looking-fly-and-preggo

looking-fly-and-preggoHow. Fly. Is. Airial. But really though, how fly is she?! I loved watching this woman take her style pre-belly and rock it with-belly. Her little mini me is now a few months young (and they continue to be a visual duo) but it was the most fun watching her outfits show up on her instagram. She makes me want to get knocked up again. Here’s what she had to say about getting dressed with a growing belly!



 “When I discovered I was pregnant, I didn’t want to let go of all of my favorite blouses just for the sake of doing so & being as I was already a fan of oversized garments from dresses to jackets it was easy & cost efficient to continue to pull from my closet! On the hard days the best thing I could do for myself was to get fancy & feel fabulous! It made embracing motherhood that much better! “

I love her hard days honesty. It isn’t always fun when things don’t fit they way they used to. Do like Airial! Get fancy and feel fabulous! YES.



pookie play date : poa cafe!

poa cafe in portland oregon

poa cafe in portland oregon

Poa Café

4025 North Williams Avenue
(503) 954-1243

Saturday 8am-7pm / Sunday 8am-4pm

poa cafe in portland oregon

poa cafe in portland oregon


i don’t think there’s a coffee shop in town that i haven’t had one too many vanilla lattes at while spending one too many hours in, poured over fashion magazines i splurged on at Rich’s Cigar Store. my “free coffee” punch card game is banging. before Sebe, this was one of my most favorite things to do if i had a lazy morning opportunity. post Sebe, those mornings are few and far between.

poa cafe in portland oregon

poa cafe in portland oregon

but not all is lost. there is Poa. when i heard there was a new café in town that was not only child-tolerant but child-ready-willing-and-able, i could not wait to drag my spit-up covered self and newborn in to check the place out. with its bright white walls, tables and chairs, i remember initially thinking, well this is way too pretty for the smudgey likes of children, there must be a mistake. but there wasn’t. run by a husband and wife team who have two littles, Poa is the perfect balance of getting to order that beloved latte and drink it too. it’s filled with pretty parents who can order house-made pastries (sweet brioche buns stuffed with sugary ricotta! seasonal breads!), fresh fruit and veggie smoothies (matcha green tea with greek yogurt and protein powder! avocado with banana and flax seeds!) plus full breakfast, lunch and kiddo-centric menus.

poa cafe in portland oregon

poa cafe in portland oregon

the front of the house is filled with seating and community tables, along with plenty of high chairs to go around and a basket of good glossies that could keep a girl like me there until way past naptime (Kinfolk! New York Times Style Magazine!). back of the house is all for the wees – carpeted area filled with building blocks, toys and extra-wide rockers perfect for nursing (tested and approved), a huge chalkboard wall, an interactive space with toy kitchens and mini-height tables perfect for your child to self-snack or start typing their novel (autobiography?) on one of many loose keyboards.

poa cafe in portland oregon

poa cafe in portland oregon

they also have a bookshelf brimming with the coolest collection of international kids books i’ve ever seen. plus they have weekly get the fuck out the house (which i’ll just create my own acronym for since i feel like i will be using it a lot so let’s just call it, “gtfoth”, shall we?) events like Spanish story time (the woman who comes for this is awesome. there are bubbles.), music with people like Mr. Ben (he does guitar covers from, “Frozen” and, “The Sound of Music”) and other awesome local pop-up stuff (they had a world mapmaking class from Carson Ellis, the illustrator behind “Wildwood”!). plus they have adult happy hours that come with a bowl of popcorn (organic. sprinkled with nutritional yeast.) and coincide with family film night. i love this place.

Kiddo Outing – SpielWerk Toys

SpielWerk Toys

SpielWerk Toys

Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm / Sunday 10am-5pm

SpielWerk would probably go under the same category as Powell’s Books, a store that sells things but supplies a kid-friendly port-in-the-storm space where you are welcomed and encouraged to come and kick it, in whatever state of sloppiness or exhaustion you may have found yourself that day. This toy store is delightful and I often feel like I’m in some quaint European city while browsing through their goods, which is exactly what I think the store owners hoped for, as they source many of their items from small studios in Europe. They believe in classic and simple, handcrafted toys that inspire imagination. The first time Seb and I snuck in was to bridge the gap of time between putting in our group number for brunch at Tasty n’ Sons (the outing of which was only made possible by visiting friends – two hour waits for breakfast with an infant on board is not only cruel but should be made illegal. that being said, nothing can fuck with their Potatoes Bravas or their Radicchio salad, which is served in a pre-chilled bowl and is the greatest morning companion to warm eggs and potatoes and a mug of Stumptown coffee, made with several spoonfuls of sugar and fresh cream, which they always have, and is always fresh). I’d walked past the place so many times but never been inside. The whole front area of the shop is an open play space. At the time, they had a cardboard kid house, a mini height-right table filled with stuffs and thingys to play with and a giant wooden loft with a make-believe house and kitchen underneath and a stairway up to the second story, which was enveloped in a gauzy, fairy covering. I got to sit and sip still-warm coffee while Seb did his baby thing with a couple other kiddos. The whole brunch wait time flew by so much more painlessly than ever before and I was so thankfu that the next time I needed to pick up a baby gift, I made it a point to spend my loot there.

Kiddo Outing – Portland Children’s Museum

Children's Museum 1 Children's Museum 3 Children's Museum 2


4015 Southwest Canyon Road
(503) 223-6500 (it’s right next to the Zoo and the Forestry Center)

9am-5pm seven days a week

Everyone aged 1-54 $10

Annual membership for you, baby daddy/partner, kiddo and up to two different guests every time, $80. Again, absolutely worth it. These annual memberships make the best holiday-time gifts if you have family in (or out) of town and they ask what you’d like for your kiddo.

FREE the first Friday of every month. Go. Spend the whole damn day there.

The Portland Children’s Museum is absolutely magical. It starts before you even enter the building with an outdoor corn maze and gigantic hand-wheel operated metal gyro thingy. They’ve taken full advantage of their operating size and turned every nook and cranny into an explosive experience for tiny brains. There are 11 play rooms like the pet hospital, the theater, waterworks, clay studio, a building Bridgetown room and several rotating exhibits (currently it’s a yellow brick paved road leading into a spacious Wizard of Oz hall), for which the imaginative ideas are endless. I started taking Sebe to the Children’s Museum when he was still way too young to do anything but have me carry him around while I oooed and ahhhed at all the things he could play with. At 17 months, he is now old enough to get into it and he has the best time walking around until he sees or bumps into something he’s jazzed about interacting with, which is almost everything except the water room; he’s just shy of being tall enough to reach into the pools of water and gets super frustrated that he can’t splash (a baby frustration-driven tantrum is just so sad). So we avoid that room. For now. The OMSI water room is smaller and simpler but much more height friendly.

Uh oh…

Seb & I, blog post 1

Well hello there internets! It’s been several years, pounds, haircuts and poor purchase choices at Goodwill but a lot of shit has gone down and I felt like maybe I wanted to start this mess again. So here we are, mother and child, decked out in handmade and thrifted outfits, just the way I like, circa present day Portland, Oregon (where, I pridefully feel the need to note, is where I was born and raised), just out here trying to function, as the kids would say…

This is Sebe and me. This is also not atypical of any other photo I attempt to take of us but that’s okay because it lovingly feels like life these days; blurry, unsteady and a bit baby obsessed. The kiddo is 17 months old and his mom is…well, a lot older than that. And my birthday was on Sunday, which is just a shitty reminder that time doesn’t stop when you give birth but it should because now I want to live forever, just to be able to see him grow all the way up, to be around for all the good, bad, ugly and really ugly decisions he decides to make, hopefully laughing all the way. Laughing is the best part. Uncontrollable, can’t breathe, cheeks hurt laughter. It’s why we have kids, isn’t it? It’s what makes all the now poop, pee, spit-up, food, food-related, snot and booger stained clothing, home dec items, bedding and generally every object in our apartment, the dog included matter not. one. tiny. bit.

I took this the other day after we magically arrived early at the Laurelhurst Park Studio for a toddler music class (it has taken me these last 17 months but I feel like I’ve gotten getting the hell out the house in a semi-timely manner down now; it’s all about the evening before prep: clothes, cloth diaper and plastic liner that still smells like urine from a hasty hand-washing ready in a pile on bathroom floor, yogurt and applesauce mixed together in a container ready in the fridge, day bag packed with all the unnecessary crap most of us haul around in our purses plus a few books, toys and snacks for Seb ready by the door and my baby daddy’s trusty denim jacket that I have stolen for myself whose pockets are loaded with cell phone, chapstick, car keys and dollar bills for baby gym outings and on the fly mommy coffees). I was kind of hype because while I don’t remember much of anything when I was Seb’s age, I do remember a little later in life when I used to take ballet (and maybe tap?) classes in this studio. So I had one of those, whoah, life, moments as we stood in the empty space and I realized I was holding the next generation, anxious to do with him the numerous mommy & me stuff, at all the same places my Mom used to take my brother and I.

I pulled some photos to back-track the last year and a half because 1) it’s been wild and I want a place I can put photos and write thoughts before too much time has passed and I forget juicy details like what my boobs felt like trying to breastfeed for the first time and 2) I looked bomb as a 9 ½ month pregnant bride in a hand sewn dress and ankle boots and I just want to spread the word.

It actually feels pretty darn awesome writing again. Thanks for hanging out. Let’s get together for a play date soon at Saint Simon and drink decaf vanilla lattes while our wee ones spill stuff all over the floor. Don’t worry, I know the baristas and they’re the nicest ever.